Our Services​

Our Services

We are inspired by getting back to the things that really matter- your team, your customers, and your life- through smart business processes and positive marketing that ignites growth and sustainability.
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

When your business is struggling to gain traction, working harder is rarely the solution. To accelerate growth, organizations must learn to work differently. This is where we can help partner to create a happier, more productive workplace. Areas of expertise:

  • Change Management
    Assess organization’s readiness for change, holistic planning, leverage digital tools to accelerate transitions, facilitate buy-in from team members and key stakeholders.
  • Process & Operations Improvement
    Assessment and audit of current systems and processes, develop an ecological blueprint with recommendations and framework for process improvement with key KPIs/outcomes, development of playbooks, and facilitation of process roll-outs.
  • Productivity Skills Development
    Coaching and facilitation of productive meetings that save time and facilitate driving initiatives and key priorities forward.

Digital Strategy

We’ll explore various strategies to help you see success in all your digital marketing efforts. Here’s what we offer:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Audits & Blueprints
    We’ll perform a complete analysis of your current marketing and sales process and provide a blueprint with recommendations, a clear framework, and KPIs to streamline efforts and accelerate business growth.
  • Email Marketing Copy and content creation, segmentation, automation and funnel building, lead scoring, delivery optimization & analytics. Specialization in Active Campaign management.
  • Social Media Strategy and Management Strategy development, content planning, design, management, paid ads, optimization & analytics
  • Webinar Marketing
    B2B and B2C strategy, content, set-up and moderation, integration into existing marketing channels, advertising
  • Website Management Copy and content creation, management, SEO & analytics
Digital Strategy
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Unlock strategies to inspire employees, streamline your efforts, and develop your people to grow the business together. Areas of expertise:

  • Employee Engagement
    Training and workshops to increase employee engagement through trust-building, skills development, and effective communication to foster a positive company culture.
  • Remote Team Development Interactive training and skills development to increase communication and collaboration within remote teams.
  • Management Skills
    Evaluation of current skills gaps and training to evolve leadership skills including setting clear goals, driving ownership of the team, how to give constructive feedback, and ways to ensure team members are productive and feel valued.