5 Reasons We Love ActiveCampaign

We have to say it right up front—we LOVE ActiveCampaign! If you’re not familiar, ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based SAAS company that helps marketers streamline and automate their email marketing – from segmentation to lead scoring to email analytics. They’ve been around for almost 20 years (meaning they’ve outlived Supernatural) and continue to evolve to help make the process of digital marketing a lot easier.

How do they accomplish this? Honestly, it would take far too long to go through it ALL! But we’re breaking down our top 5 favorite features—the ones that helped us fall IN LOVE with ActiveCampaign!


What does ActiveCampaign Cost?

We get it—when it comes to marketing, budgets are a top priority! Like many services, ActiveCampaign offers several subscription levels, each with its own price point. You can choose to pay per month or earn a discount by paying for the year. Let’s take a look at ActiveCampaign pricing:

  • Lite Plan— starting at $9/month
  • Plus Plan — starting at $49/month
  • Professional Plan— starting at $149/month
  • Enterprise Plan— starting at $249/month 

Each plan includes its own set of features suited for different budgets, campaign sizes, and marketing needs. For instance, if you’re just getting started, are working on your own, or are working on a microbudget, you might choose the Lite tier. We recommend considering your specific needs before deciding which tier suits you best. They offer a 14-day free trial to get started. For more information about ActiveCampaign Pricing, visit: ActiveCampaign Pricing

5 Reasons We Love ActiveCampaign!

No matter what type of marketing you plan on doing, ActiveCampaign has a feature to help you. Here are the top 5 features that can help make marketers’ daily lives much, much easier:

Lead Scoring

“What is lead scoring?” you may ask. Well, it’s the act of collecting data from previous, successful lead conversions and assigning numbers (or scores) to certain attributes. This helps you find what traits previous leads have in common to help you find new, potentially successful leads. It can help you segment your audience, identify leads that are highly engaged (and those who aren’t), and help determine buyer readiness.

ActiveCampaign’s lead scoring feature is incredibly flexible, allowing you to add or subtract points for any trait you want, any time you want. You can also set conditional requirements for each trait or even create an expiration date. Additionally, you can set triggers once a lead score hits a goal to send personalized messaging and offers. Part of the fun is exploring all the ways you can tweak and personalize your lead scores, so we encourage you to dive in and see for yourself!


ActiveCampaign knows that data analysis is the heart and soul of email marketing. That’s why they create automated reports based on your data from several sources. These sources include:

  • Campaigns
  • Automations
  • Contacts
  • Deals

It’s visual, easily understood information you can reference at a glance. Their powerful analytic dashboards include email open rates, click-through rates, open trends (day of the week and time of the day), subject line performance, as well as automation performance analytics. You can use this data to help inform how you create your future campaigns—which just gives you even more data and reports to create even better campaigns!

Even better: ActiveCampaign offers integration for many popular analytics apps (such as Google Analytics), so you can link your accounts and track all your data!

Advanced Automation Building

ActiveCampaign can take your marketing automation to the next level. The platform lets you build email automations for the processes you do often. You can create automations based on many criteria, such as trigger actions and your specific goals. Want to send a welcome email whenever anyone visits your landing page and signs up for your newsletter? You can! You can even use one of over 150 ActiveCampaign templates for emails when doing so!

The best part is, ActiveCampaign can help you build modular automations. This means if you have a large process you want to automate, you can break it down into a list of smaller, automated tasks that can trigger one another down the line—almost like creating an entire, digital marketing team built exclusively around your own goals and preferences! It’s highly customizable, so we recommend getting in there and seeing what you can do.  

Predictive Sending

Reaching leads on your email list when they’re most likely to pay attention to your campaign can be an important part of your campaign’s success. In order for them to click a link in an email, they need to open the email first! 

 ActiveCampaign crunches the data to help you determine when each of your individual leads usually opens emails. Then, ActiveCampaign sends the emails at that time—improving the chances they’ll open it.

The best part? They do all of this automatically. The data analysis, the email queue—they even send test emails at other times to help improve their own automatic data analysis!

Spam Check

So, you’ve created an email campaign that meets all of your goals. You’ve crunched all the data, you’ve turned it into a perfect email, and sent it out into the world. But, horror of horrors—it winds up in your leads’ spam folder!

Oh, no!

Don’t worry. ActiveCampaign has your back. They have a feature that scans your email for anything that might get considered spam and filtered out of your leads’ inboxes. If it doesn’t find any issues, it’ll tell you that the email passed the scan. If it doesn’t, it’ll create a score for the email and make specific suggestions on what changes might be most helpful to you. 

Of course, ActiveCampaign can’t promise your email won’t get filtered out—but they’re going to do their best to make sure your chances of reaching your leads are as high as possible!

We can say enough about ActiveCampaign and its powerful features! Level up your email marketing today!!

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