5 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Your Small Business

For a small business, digital marketing can seem like an unnecessary expense. For one, you might not have room in the budget. For two, the tools are already out there—surely you can learn to use them, right?

While that’s technically true, a digital marketing agency offers something subscription-based tools don’t: years of experience using the tools and methods that can help you succeed. And that comes with many benefits!

That doesn’t mean you need to seek out an expensive digital marketing agency. You can shop around to find an agency that specializes in your specific marketing needs and goals. For instance, instead of hiring an expensive full-service digital marketing agency, you can likely find one with focused expertise in social media, SEO, or Facebook ads for a price you can afford.

But there are many more benefits! Here are the top 5 ways hiring a digital marketing agency can help a small business!


Expand your reach

The internet is an expansive frontier. That can make finding an audience difficult. Connecting with them can be even tougher—especially for a small business with limited time and resources.

The audience is out there; you’ve just got to find them.

Digital marketing agencies have already explored the platforms and methods for finding your target audience. They can build a strategy to increase your online presence, get engagement on social media platforms, and increase brand awareness.

Most agencies also offer SEO services, which can build product pages, blog posts, and other web content that can increase your rank on search engines. This can drive traffic to your website by helping potential customers find you when searching for products or services related to your business and offerings.

Save time

Even if you have some experience in digital or social media marketing, finding the time to do it can become a problem. A good strategy can entail research, planning, developing, writing, implementing, and following a rigid social media schedule. And this is all on top of your duties running your business!

Letting a digital marketing company take care of these tasks gives you and your team more time to focus on the bread and butter of your business. This lets you keep up or increase productivity while still enjoying the results of an effective marketing strategy.

But hiring an agency can save time in other ways. For instance, creating an in-house marketing team can require advertising open positions, sorting through resumes, interviewing applicants, and onboarding and training new hires. An agency’s team can begin right away!

Scale to your organization

On its own, scalability offers many benefits—especially for a small business. It helps you find budget-friendly, cost-efficient options that meet your organization’s needs.

Scalability also offers flexible and upwardly mobile plans. For instance, you can start small with a few ads and social media posts. As you begin to find success, your business grows—and, with it, your budget. You can scale up the marketing to grow in tandem with your business, bringing in more strategies, options, and marketers as you can afford to do so.

Scaling up your marketing offers slow, steady, and cost-efficient growth to help build increased success over time.

Analyze data

Data analysis is crucial for any company. It offers important information that helps you make educated business decisions. But businesses can generate an overwhelming amount of data—and analyzing it can take time and expertise.

Your marketing agency can help you analyze a broad spectrum of data. But there are three specific areas where it can be most beneficial: your customers, your competitors, and your performance.

By analyzing customer habits, you can learn more about your audience, target current and potential customers based on shared traits, and help nurture their journey to purchase (such as with an email marketing campaign).

By analyzing your competitors, you can learn more about their strategies and customers and implement what you’ve learned into your own business and marketing strategies.

And by analyzing your performance, you can learn what does and doesn’t work for your business and make decisive changes to improve outcomes.

Focused strategy

An agency can offer a focused digital marketing strategy based on your business, brand, and products. They can help you develop a vision for your company’s future and build a strategy focused on getting you there. This can include building a strong brand identity with consistent tone and branding across all channels and platforms.

A focused marketing strategy can also help create a more direct line between the products and services you offer and the customers who need them. This means targeting the right audience, creating content relevant to them, and posting it on the platforms they use. This can raise awareness, entice new customers, and retain current ones without spending money and resources on dead ends.

Focused strategies are especially helpful if your offerings fall into a niche or appeal to a specific clientele.

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