Top 10 Reasons We’re Crushing On Loomly

In digital marketing, you’re bound to come across a vast array of tools, all promising to revolutionize your strategies and drive outstanding results. For social media managers, tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social all offer features that can help make your job easier.

However, my personal favorite is Loomly. But what makes Loomly such a standout? Let’s plunge into this platform’s plethora of features that make managing social media not just simple, but an absolute delight.

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What is Loomly?

At its core, Loomly is a social media management software that allows for managing multiple social media platforms. Loomly offers features to keep you on track for every step of your social post’s journey, from brainstorming content ideas to scheduling to post-publication analytics.

Loomly’s wide-ranging features aim to save you time, boost team collaboration, and simplify the management of your social media calendars. By assisting you in organizing your social network activities, it empowers you to broaden your reach across different platforms.

Who Uses Loomly?

Loomly is designed for those with the goal of creating a robust social media strategy. Digital marketers gravitate towards Loomly for its comprehensive suite of features that help them manage multiple social media accounts, as well as plan and schedule posts across various platforms. Social media managers find it helpful for its ease of use, collaborative tools, and insightful analytics. Small businesses and entrepreneurs appreciate Loomly’s capacity to simplify their social media marketing, often without needing an extensive marketing team behind them.

Top 10 Reasons Loomly is Awesome

As a digital marketer, I have no shortage of SaaS options from which to pick my preferred tools. Here are the top 10 reasons I’ve chosen Loomly as my social media management platform of choice:

1. Post Scheduling

Perhaps the most essential feature of any social media management platform is scheduling posts in advance. It allows managers to plan content strategy, save time, and ensure consistent posting.

By scheduling posts ahead of time, managers can reach their audience at the most optimal moments, even when they’re not available. It’s a time-saving and efficient way to stay active on social media while focusing on other important tasks.

2. Workflow Management

If you’ve ever juggled multiple tasks and team members on a digital marketing project, you’ll appreciate the need for effective workflow management. Loomly’s Custom Workflow feature serves as your dedicated project manager, keeping all your social media tasks neatly organized and making managing your social media calendars far less daunting. You decide the workflow’s rules and collaborators.

Even with a small team, you might have copywriters, designers, and media managers, each playing their part. Your Custom Workflow lets everyone collaborate on drafts, review, schedule posts, and give feedback within the platform. It eliminates confusion and helps maintain a consistent brand voice, which is crucial when managing multiple social media accounts.

3. Post Optimization

Each social media platform has its unique attributes and best practices. The one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. Loomly’s Post Optimization feature provides real-time feedback on your posts, suggesting improvements aligning with each platform’s guidelines.

Suppose you’re launching a product and want to promote it across multiple social media platforms. With Loomly’s Post Optimization tips, you can create a social media strategy for each platform. This feature offers insights on optimal post length, the best time to post, and relevant hashtags. You can use these insights independently or combine them with other tools and strategies to match your needs.

4. Analytics

When it comes to social media marketing, data drives decisions. With Loomly’s Analytics feature, you gain critical data concerning each post’s reach, clicks, engagement, and overall performance. This data can help guide your marketing strategy and identify what resonates with your audience or needs retooling.

And it does this across both posts and platforms. Analytics allows you to determine which platform is driving the most engagement, which types of content are most effective, and what times are optimal for posting. It’s your compass guiding you toward a successful social media strategy.

5. Calendars

Anyone who’s tried to manage social media posts on different platforms without a central management system knows how chaotic it can get. Loomly’s calendar offers a streamlined view of your scheduled posts, making it a breeze to plan your content strategy effectively.

You can view all scheduled posts across various platforms, ensure content is evenly spread, maintain a consistent brand presence, and avoid content overlaps or gaps. If you manage several accounts across multiple brands, you can filter your calendar to view each individual schedule.

6. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Managing several social media platforms can feel like a juggling act. But with Loomly’s cross-platform compatibility, you can create a core post and adjust it to suit each platform. This ensures a consistent brand message across all networks while optimizing the content for each platform’s specific attributes.

For example, when crafting a social media strategy for a new product launch, you can create a core post with key messages and tailor it to suit Facebook’s long-form approach, Instagram’s image-centric style, and Twitter’s short-and-sweet format. This way, your message remains consistent, yet optimized for each platform. And each platform gets its own tab on your core post, allowing for easy organization and eliminating the need for individual posts for each platform.

7. Customer Support

Whether you’re a novice in the social media landscape or a seasoned pro, you’re bound to hit roadblocks or have questions. That’s where Loomly’s Customer Support comes in. They’re just a call or email away, ready to assist with everything from scheduling tools to technical issues, making your experience smooth and productive.

8. Scalability

Loomly understands that not all users have the same needs or budgets. That’s why it offers different subscription tiers, from Base to Premium and even custom Enterprise plans. As your business grows, you can effortlessly upgrade to a higher tier. This scalability makes Loomly a long-term partner that evolves with you, making it an ideal choice for everyone, from solopreneurs to large marketing teams.

Additionally, Loomly offers a free trial option to take the platform for a test drive to help determine whether it fits your needs.

9. Simple User Interface

An overly complex user interface can deter users from exploring a new platform. Loomly shines with its easy-to-navigate and intuitive user interface. Even if you’re new to social media management software, Loomly makes learning the platform easy and enjoyable.

10. Content Ideas

Have you ever been stuck staring at a blank screen, struggling to come up with engaging content ideas? With Loomly, you get daily post suggestions based on trending topics, key events, and even your brand’s key dates. It’s like your personal content inspiration generator, ensuring your content stays fresh and relevant.


Social Media Platforms: Loomly’s Broad Reach

When it comes to managing multiple social media platforms, Loomly has you covered. This platform supports a wide array of popular networks, making managing multiple social media accounts from one dashboard easier than ever.

Loomly allows you to manage social media posts for platforms such as:

  1. Facebook: Whether it’s a business page or a group, Loomly supports scheduling and editing posts, keeping your Facebook strategy on point.
  2. Twitter: Get those timely tweets out without a hitch, thanks to Loomly’s seamless integration with Twitter.
  3. Instagram: Whether it’s an Instagram post or story, Loomly ensures your visual content always hits the mark.
  4. Pinterest: Schedule your pins in advance, optimizing your posts for peak engagement times.
  5. LinkedIn: Maintain a professional presence on both company and personal pages with Loomly’s LinkedIn compatibility.

Crafting a Strategic Social Media Campaign with Loomly

Loomly’s features can be harnessed to craft an effective social media strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Define Your Goals

Start by defining what you hope to achieve with your social media campaign. This could range from increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or boosting user engagement.

Identify Your Audience

Understanding your audience is crucial. You can use Loomly’s analytics to get insights into your followers’ demographics and preferences.

Create Engaging Content

Use Loomly’s content suggestions feature to brainstorm engaging content ideas. Create posts that resonate with your audience and align with your brand voice.

Schedule Your Posts

Use Loomly’s post scheduling tools to plan your posts across different platforms. Remember to optimize each post for the specific platform you’re posting to.

Monitor and Adjust

Finally, use Loomly’s analytics to track the performance of your posts. Review this data regularly and adjust your strategy as needed.

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